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Although the dates vary depending on the year, the Tropical zo diac sign of Aquarius typically begins on the cusp day January 20 and ends on February 18.

In astrology, a planet's domicile is the zodiac sign ov er which it has ruler ship. The traditional planet that is said to be the r uler of Aquarius is Uranus. A result of the ancient hieroglyph for water, the symbol for Aquarius (♒) is two undulating lines of waves. Similarly, the color that is associated with the zodiacal Aquarius is an aqueous blue . Aquarius is one of the three signs which compose the air triplicate, al ong with Gemini and Libra. It is also one of the masculine signs, and a f ixed sign.

Favors activities that are unique and individualistic. Frien dship, acquaintances, hopes and dreams, groups and organizations. Peace , understanding, rational actions, gatherings, troubled covens to gather , aid in achieving personal goals, freedom, creative expression or probl em solving, cultivate your extrasensory abilities and friendships. Science , friendship, breaking bad habits or addictions; healing of the calves, ankles, tibia, fibula, circulation, the breath.

There’s been a lot of New Age hype about the sterling qualities of Aquarius but, like all the signs, it has its negative aspects. These include a tendency to selfishne ss, air-headedness, thought without action, and generally allowing one’s mind to wander aimlessly in some vast pseudo-intellectual wilderness. Howe ver, it is also a time when people as a whole tend to be inspired to highe r consciousness. Because of this, the Aquarian transit is a good time for troubled covens to meet. Magick for world peace and understanding are best undertaken during this sign. Warning: because this sign is now outwardly fi ghting for its identity in this New Age, anything can happen in your Aquar ian/moon magick.

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